Here's what industry experts are saying

Bill Hughes, General Manager
"I'm excited about this new program, and I look forward to introducing it to other golf course managers. Great idea!"
Mike Paull, Executive Director
"We're excited to see Georgia's best golf courses now posting golf certificates. From what golf course managers tell me, this free service will save them a lot of time and help them reach a new audience, all while increasing their revenue!"
Vic Aliprando, Senior Director
"We're looking forward to rolling out your platform throughout the TPC Network. OneSpare gives us an easy way to get our best marketing materials in front of our target audience."
Darren J. Irwin, Owner
The Links of Spruce Creek, Summerfield, Florida
"From the day I received this program's information in the mail, I knew this was for our Club! I receive nearly 200 requests per year from charities, clubs and other organizations looking for certificates for rounds of golf. I've only been registered for a few days and I've already found this program useful! What a great concept that Mike has created! As a golf course owner, I have found myself spending countless hours responding to requests for donations. This program takes every bit of it right off my plate! I would recommend this program to any Club who is constantly asked to hand out donations. To top it off - - the print a certificate "off the books" feature is an awesome way to write up a donation on the spot, effortlessly! Thank you again, Mike! We will be with you for a very long time - great concept!"
Whitney Crouse, Chairman
"Sign us up! This is something we've needed for a long time. This program gives us a chance to help lots of great causes and make sure that we're leveraging our charitable rounds to get added promotion and added revenue. I imagine this will save our golf course managers a lot of time and allow them to keep their eye on the ball."
Matthew Pardon, Golf Sales & Marketing Coordinator
"Posting rounds on OneSpareTeeTime.com saves time and resources while helping various causes. We’re glad to have a partner that turns a once tedious task into something helpful and positive."